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All training materials produced by Kinetic Inspection & Testing are copyrighted at the time of printing. Materials produced by Kinetic Inspection & Testing are protected under Canadian and International copyright laws. Any reproduction by any means (mechanical, electronic, storage retrieval or other means) is strictly prohibited. All training materials produced by Kinetic Inspection & Testing are for the sole use of fully paid customers and course registrants. Use of the materials for training other personnel other than fully paid course registrants is strictly forbidden. Employees or owners of companies that offer training similar to Kinetic Inspection & Testing are prohibited from attending our courses. No part of the training materials produced by Kinetic Inspection & Testing may be reproduced, re-used or redistributed in any way without the express written permission of Kinetic Inspection & Testing.

Intent of Registration:

 The training materials that are supplied to course registrants are prepared for the sole use of the course registrant. Any other use, dissemination, reproduction or redistribution is strictly forbidden.


The information presented in the training materials, classroom instruction, online instruction or other means by Kinetic Inspection & Testing is prepared for the general information of the course registrant. This information is not intended nor should it be used as a substitute for competent engineering and technical advice. This material should not be viewed as a substitute or replacement for current, complete engineering and technical Codes and Standards. Kinetic Inspection & Testing recommends that competent technical advice and complete engineering and technical Codes and Standards be consulted for all pressure equipment decision making processes.

Codes and Standards are constantly being updated and revised. The material prepared and presented by Kinetic Inspection & Testing is believed to be correct at the time of printing and presentation. However, Kinetic Inspection & Testing does not warrant the material’s suitability for any general or specific use, and Kinetic Inspection & Testing assumes no liability or responsibility for its use in any way. Kinetic Inspection & Testing is in no way responsible for subsequent use no matter the intent. Nothing in the material prepared by Kinetic inspection & testing shall be construed as a defense against any alleged infringement of letters of patents, copyright, or trademark or as a defense against such liability for such infringement.


Kinetic Inspection & Testing believes that discrimination for any reason is wrong. We are committed to maintaining a high standard against discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and/or sexual orientation.

Right to Refuse Registration or Service:

Kinetic Inspection & Testing believes that there is no place for abusive behaviour (verbal, physical or otherwise) in the workplace. Individuals who demonstrate abusive behaviour to Kinetic Inspection & Testing personnel, hotel staff at the course locations, support or related personnel at suppliers of Kinetic Inspection & Testing such as Code suppliers or delivery personnel, will not be permitted to attend courses. This right of refusal extends to barring individuals from registering in a course, removing individuals from a course, or refusing any of the services offered by Kinetic Inspection & Testing. It is our stated interest and concern to provide a pleasant, safe learning experience for all course registrants and abusive or threatening behaviour of any kind to any person related to any of Kinetic Inspection & Testing courses or services will not be tolerated. Services that are denied due to refusal of service under these terms may not be eligible for a refund if the service has already been delivered (such as self study course materials or the pre-course materials for a classroom course) or a classroom course that has already started where the registrant is asked to leave due to demonstrating abusive behaviours. Each instance of abusive behaviour will be addressed individually by Kinetic Inspection & Testing in line with our stated Policies and Terms and Conditions.