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API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Recertification Course


120 days



Course Description

There are two main goals that this course material intends to meet. They are:

  1. To provide a portion of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours needed for the 3-year and 6-year recertification requirements as stated by the American Petroleum Institute. This course will provide a maximum of 24 asynchronous CPD hours to those who complete the entire course.
  2. To educate, inform, and instruct those who are planning on taking the 6-year recertification quiz required by the American Petroleum Institute.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is NOT designed for those who are writing the initial API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector examination to become certified. If you are writing the API 510 examination to achieve initial certification as an API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector, we offer three course options to assist with that, please go back to the Courses page and review our Webinar, Combination and Self-study options for the initial API 510 certification exam preparation. This course is intended only for those who are recertifying at either the 3 or 6 year intervals.

This course uses the Body of Knowledge published by API as the source material. API states that recertification candidates should be familiar with the latest editions, changes, and updates to specific API documents. The current Body of Knowledge published by API requires knowledge of the following documents:

  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code (10th edition, May 2014, with Addendum 1, May 2017, and Addendum 2, March 2018)
  • API RP 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry (3rd Edition)
  • API RP 572 Inspection of Pressure Vessels (4th edition, December 2016)
  • API RP 576 Inspection of Pressure-Relieving Devices (4th edition, April 2017)
  • API RP 577 Welding Inspection and Metallurgy (3rd edition, October 2020)
  • API RP 578 Guidelines for a Material Verification Program (3rd edition, February 2018)

To meet the goal of preparing exam candidates for the 6-year recertification quiz, each of these documents will be discussed in detail in the course material by means of explanatory lessons, Practice Questions, Quizzes, and a Final Exam.

The lessons will focus on navigation, key words and concepts that will teach the exam candidate to recognize the document being discussed by the subjects in the exam questions.

Course participants need to provide their own copies of the above listed documents for study purposes. A course notebook will be sent to course participants prior to the 2-day class portion of the course. 

Course Components

This course has the following components, or sections:

  • Online training materials consisting of explanatory lessons, navigation guidance, over 550 Practice Questions, and 3 quizzes. These materials cover all 5 required documents. Candidates are required to provide their own copies of the API documents to study from. Access to these online lessons begins on the day of registration.
  • A final examination which will be a 25 question, open-book, online examination. Achieving a passing grade of 80% (20 out of 25 correct) is required.

Important Note:

Completion of this course does not remove the requirement to complete the API recertification quiz on the API website for candidates recertifying in their 6th year. This course is intended to assist in preparation for the quiz.



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