I highly recommend any of the courses offered by Kinetic Inspection. I have successfully passed the API 653 and 510 exams after attending their exam prep courses and utilizing the study materials and practice exams afterwards. Todd is a wonderful instructor! He is incredibly knowledgeable in the subject matter, effectively highlights the key items that will come up in the exams, and somehow makes the codes and theory interesting along the way.

I got registered for the API 510 exam and didn’t know how to get my study started. Then, a search online brought me across Kinetic Inspections and I decided to learn from their wealth of experience.

In few weeks, I was able to make a good sense of the materials. The simplified document I got from the teacher was able to help me throughout the study plan.

Today, I am happy to say I passed the exam first time and I am grateful to Kinetic inspections for pointing me in the right direction.

I am registering for API 570 in the coming weeks and I encourage anyone that needs support to look their way as well.


Todd provides the tools needed to pass the API certification exams (and others). I took the API 510 exam prep course a few months ago, and the teaching, course material, and practice questions helped immensely with equipping me for taking the exam.

Todd is an excellent teacher with a ton of experience and it shows.

I took the online In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector self-study course and it was excellent. The material was easy to navigate through and the practice exams really helped prepare me for the actual exam. I reached out to Todd a few times and he’d respond with a concise and informative answer the same day. Highly recommend Kinetic Inspection and I look forward to taking future courses with them!

Excellent instructor, covered course materials very well. Very happy with my passing results. Highly recommended 👍🏼👍🏼

Such a great instructor, it’s hard to make API codes engaging but somehow Todd does it. Also the online course setup is fantastic with tons of practice questions, breakdown of material, and challenging practice exams that really help prepare you for the code exam. Todd is also available via phone/email and quick to reply to questions even at irregular hours. I passed both my API 510 and API 653 thanks to Todd’s help. Highly recommend!

I’ve taken three API courses and my National Board IS and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one.
Todd’s technical expertise is exceptional and his teaching style is concise and informative. His experience in the field is readily evident, and he puts a lot of thought and effort into his teaching practice.
Most importantly, I have felt prepared for, and passed, every exam.

I will be recommending this course to my friends and colleagues who want to go for their National Board In-service Inspector Commission Exam. Todd is an excellent instructor with thorough knowledge of the subjects he teaches. Easy to work with, lots of availability for questions. This was probably the best exam preparation course I have completed in my career. If there are courses being offered for an exam you are interested in, I promise you can do no wrong using Todd and Kinetic.

Highly recommend, especially for those writing API exams for the first time. Todd has all the qualities of a great instructor - he is accessible when you have questions, he is eager to help you learn, and does an excellent job of teaching the subject matter itself in a manner that is easily digestible. I am glad I went with Kinetic Inspection to help me with my API 570 exam and I would definitely take another course with Kinetic in the future.

Great option for API certification training. Material is focused and presented well. Todd guides the student right to the most important information, and provides plenty of examples and practice questions to give the best chance of success.

As a first time API exam candidate, I was not sure what to expect and what to look for in a preparatory course. I was directed to Todd at Kinetic Inspection for my API 570 prep, and I was very pleased with the course and Todd’s delivery of the material.

The option to do the evening course was perfect for me. As a new dad that works full time, I found Todd’s helpful insight allowed me to study as efficient as possible to absorb all the material without taking too much time out of my busy life.

I found that the tools given to us in the class sessions left me with the ability to answer any question I had on my own after reviewing my notes. I recommend taking lots of notes as Todd gave numerous helpful bits of information that you wouldn’t get through self study.

I highly recommend Kinetic Inspection, and will be back myself in the future.

API 510 with Todd is a fantastic course and the material is well explained. Most importantly read the material and do the pass questions as many times as you can and success will be yours

This training is very helpfull to understand how exam is build and how to identify the keypoint in question.

Great course, extremely knowledgeable instructor.

I just recently completed one of the courses offered by this company and I cannot say enough about this course. To touch on my top three points would be:
1. The construction of this course gives the impression it’s been designed by a foolproof self study university. The ease of access and navigability alone could carry the weight of the course
2. The delivery and pace of course material is so well designed and presented in such a nature previous experience in the course becomes almost unnecessary.
3. Todd Smith, the instructor is a very intelligent, personable individual who clearly takes his business very seriously. He was available at all hours of the day sun up-sundown. He has a natural way of keeping the entire class interested and attentive while simultaneously transmitting subject material in a way that makes the most natural sense of even the oddest possible situations you could encounter.

The entire time I was going through his program, I was also doing a separate in class 2 week inspection program for a different certification with roughly 25 hours self study and between the two courses I was still able to feel 100% confident in all of my learnings.

I used the API 510 self study course which was laid out very well with lots of study material and questions. Todd was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating and helpful when needed.

One of the best instructors i have ever had. Without Todd this would have never happened for me. I am looking forward to many additional courses and owe lots to Todd. Thank you again for being such an amazing person and a truly great teacher.

Excellent course and the instructor is easy to get a hold of. Definitely recommend

I would not have pass this test without taking the preparation course, he answered all of my emails and texts in a timely matter. Thank you very much for your assistance, you have no idea how grateful I am.

I took the 3 day api 1169 course over zoom and passed. Todd was very responsive and supportive when I had questions before my test . I highly recommend and will be using kinetic if I have to further my education in this field.

I’ve talked to a few people that have tried to do the studying on their own, and how hard it was to stay focused, and involved. I took the 3 day in camera and I can’t recommend his program enough. Todd answers any questions by email promptly, and calls back when you need to talk to him. If you need to take an exam that Todd covers you will not be disappointed.

Best API course around. Todd really prepares you for the exams and put some thoughtful order in that pile of paperwork. He also takes one on one time as needed to make sure you understand and clarify any weaknesses you have. Highly recommend

practice exam is the key to success! I challenged the API 510 practice exam with only 30% mark before seriously study for it, after 3 or 4 trials, I was able to consistantly achieve 80+ mark on the randomized exams, it gives me the confidence before walking into the real exam, and turns out the real exam is easier than I expected! Thank you Todd for all the help and support along the way, I got my official certificate about a month ago!

Took Todd’s 653 course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take the exam! His webinar was insightful and he kept all of the class engaged throughout the 6 days. The study material provided on the online portion of the course was relevant and prepared me well for what I saw during the exam. I will definitely be coming back for further exam preparation courses in the future!

Kinetic Inspections offers an excellent API 570 course that prepared me to take my certification exam, and enabled me to pass!

Todd is an excellent communicator and teaches the API and ASME codes in a way that is easy to grasp. Any time I had a question, he was always easily reachable by email or phone.

If you can’t register for an in-person course, I highly recommend his hybrid course (personal study + 1 live online lecture each week).

My advice for newcomers:

- Do all the training modules and practice questions at least once
- attend the lectures and take notes! Todd highlights lots of potential exam questions during the lectures!
- do all the practice exams at least once

Excellent Recertification course exactly in line with requirements of API BOK.
Exam point of view, Course coverage was excellent in-depth explanation as well as practice questions. I would highly recommend to take this course which not only prepares you but an opportunity to refresh your knowledge with current API Codes & RP.

Great course materials, arrangement aids quick assimilation and practical tips all through. I highly recommend Kinetic Inspection and Testing ABSA ISI learning material.

I attended the API 510 pre exam course. Todd’s teacher were throughout and streamline making it very easy to follow along in the codes. If you are taking any API course, you’d be crazy not to attend these courses

The course was great, facilitated navigating the different codes for the open book exam.

Todd is an excellent instructor! The information in the class was interesting and informative.

Some of the best training I’ve ever received. Great for doing any API certs or even if you need continuing education hours. He is extremely invest in making sure you understand everything and he is available nearly 100% of the time. I would recommend Todd and Kinetic inspection to everyone! He has courses for everything schedule.

The courses are hugely helpful and with being able to do them remotely is so beneficial. Todd is always available to help and we’ll versed in all the course he teaches. He was born to be an instructor. Anyone that needs a course in the areas kinectic offers . Would be crazy not to try them.

November of this year I passed the API 570 Piping Inspector exam.

I believe it would not have been possible if not for the excellent API 570 exam preparation course of Kinetic Inspection.

Todd Smith of Kinetic Inspection is an excellent instructor with many years of experience as welder, inspector, and instructor.

Even though the course is geared towards helping you pass the exam, Todd teaches valuable tools that helped me become a better inspector. He also teaches critical and analytical thinking methods that are a huge help in passing the exam and that you can also apply in your profession.

I have had many obstacles to overcome since first registering for the API 570 exam. This was the first time that I have managed to write the exam from beginning to end without any interruptions due to e.g. Covid and internet issues.

Point being that I have passed the API 570 Piping Inspector exam and the API 1169 Pipeline Inspector exam on the first try and this is thanks to the Kinetic Inspection exam preparation courses and Todd Smith’s excellent instruction and teaching skills.

Note that I have tried two other exam preparation training centers and neither of them come close to Kinetic Inspection.

For my future certification / recertification exams I will be sure to use Kinetic Inspection!

At Kinetic Inspection you can also take the following exam preparation courses:
⦁ API 510
⦁ API 653
⦁ API 1169
⦁ ABSA In-Service Pressure Equipment

All the courses at Kinetic Inspection are online so you do not have to leave your job or commute long distances!

You also have the option of live webinar training via Zoom which is my favorite since you can ask the inspector questions and get instant feedback.

I could not have passed the Api 1169 exam without Todd and his course material. If you take his preparation course and follow the study plan, your chances on passing the exam are high. Thanks again for your great material and knowledge Todd!!

Excellent course and prompt answers to any questions!
Highly Recommend!

Todd will not teach you how to be a API Inspector, he will teach you how to pass your required exam. His API 1169 course was in depth and I felt over prepared going into the exam. I was overall happy with my decision taking the prep course. Thank you!

Great course. Todd is very thorough and goes above and beyond with support after the course leading up to your exam date.

I’ve taken one of Todd’s exam prep courses before and recently did his ABSA ISI self study course. Even though it was self study I was still able to ask as many questions as I needed and always got a prompt response! I HIGHLY recommend any exam prep course with Todd. I’ve been successful in all my exams when I’ve taken his courses.

API 510 Recertification course was good and informative.

I took the API 653 online self study course and passed my exam on the first attempt. Thank you, Todd!

I had a great experience with Kinetic. Todd would take the time to make sure I fully understood the concepts and ideas. He has perspective and a humble attitude which goes a long way during the course.

I have taken two course from Todd at Kinetic Inspection. From my experience he does an excellent job explaining what could be considered dry material in a way that keeps you engaged while being easy to grasp. The firsthand knowledge and high quality reference material are also integral parts of the courses.

Kinetic puts on a very well thought out and engaging course to help you obtain your API certification, utilizing practice exams, online self study, reference material, and live video classrooms to great effect. The instructor is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the certification process, including after the course proper has completed, right up until the day you take your exam.

I would not hesitate recommending Kinetic to any of my coworkers who wish to take on an API certification, and will be using their course offerings for myself in the future.

I had a great experience with API-570 training provided by Kinetic Inspection & Testing. The instructor was excellent in delivering the training contents. He also helped us by facilitating several Q&A sessions and quiz review sessions. He also arranged some Q&A sessions in evening to accommodate everyone’s availability. Training materials are well equipment with explanation and examples to get into it proficiently.

Took Todd’s API 570 piping inspection course and a couple things I want to point out:

1. He’s extremely responsive and helpful to all your questions.

2. His online course format with additional practice questions and exams were easy to follow and helpful.

3. The extra sessions he put together to go over the practice exams were fantastic and helped out a lot especially during the open book portion of the exam.

5/5 recommend if you want to prepare for your API exams.

Thank you Todd.

I’ve recently taken the API 510 prep course with Todd and was successful with passing the exam. Thanks to Todd and the resources he prepared and provided, I felt confident about writing the exam and there were certainly no surprises on the exam. The Zoom-based classroom makes it convenient for people who live and work in remote areas and can’t easily attend in-person classes. Looking forward to taking more classes with Todd!

Todd was really good in explaining the concepts and was always available till the exam date to answer the questions. His course was very well structured and I would highly recommend him if you want quality education for your API certifications.

Todd is an excellent instructor and knows the API exams in and out. His approach to studying and writing the exams will have you well prepared!

I took an API 653 course for 2022 exam window with Todd and his 6 days class and online exam material were excellent. He was able to clearly communicate on the course material and his exams were very valuable in passing the 653 exam.

I completed the self study API 510 prep course. Course was well put together and Todd was available to help and answer my questions and even invited me to some review seminars.

The course had a lot of practice questions and practice exams which helped me prepare and pass API 510

The API 570 course was very good. Todd took his time to explain concepts till they are understood and he answered questions promptly as well.

I’ve taken Todd’s 510&570 course and passed both thanks to his courses. The online lessons thoroughly cover all the relevant information from the codes that is required for the exam and every time I ran into a topic I couldn’t wrap my head around, he would go over it in detail with examples in his lectures. I’d recommend this course to anyone writing their 510 or 570.

Todd is an exceptional instructor. I will be taking additional courses from Kinetic Inspection and testing in the future. The time and effort he puts into his courses, instruction and the immediate response to any and all questions are unprecedented by other instruction courses. I highly recommend kinetic inspection and testing. Thanks again for helping me achieve a passing grade on my API 510 examination

Kinetic provides really helpful course that helped me understand and prepare for API 510 exam.

Todd is extremely patient and response quickly for all questions I asked.

Thanks again! I passes my exam and very happy for it.

Great course outline and delivered just as well. Helped me understand the material that would be on the test and generally enjoyable experience. Thanks.

The 510 pressure vessel preparation course is definitely a course I recommend before doing the API 510 exam, especially doing it with the Zoom platform. Kinetic inspection web platform offers a lot of quizzes and practice exams that will get you ready for the API 510 exam. The course was well structured and the daily homework was clear to get you ready for the exam. Todd was always available for questions via email or during the zoom studying lesson. If you want to optimize your chance of being successful for the API510, I recommend the 510 pressure vessel preparation course.

4 courses with Mr Tood API510, API 570, API 653 and API 1169 and pass all of them first attempt. Just with the courses no additional time add, great teaching and very responsive when you email him questions, continue the great work 👏👍🌹

Hi to anyone interested in taking the Kinetic API 1169 course from Todd Smith. I want to share my experience. First I want to say that I am 63 years old and have been around the pipeline business a while as a inspector and am not as good at learning new things as I used to be. I was very nervous about the course and especially the test. I signed up to take the Kinetic 3 day course last August. I attended the course for about a day and a half at that time. My mother had become very ill and I had to leave the course. I rebooked my test and contacted Todd around the 1st of March. He informed me that he was running a course in later March. I wanted to take the course again and I was fully prepared to pay for it again, as it wasn’t his fault that I had to leave the course. Todd was very kind and signed me up to take the course again without charge. He certainly did not need to do that. But I sure appreciated that. I took his course and studied and followed it. End result. I PASSED. Todd runs a excellent, thorough, well taught, easy to understand course. I can assure you that if you take and follow the course as he says. You will pass as well. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Fantastic job Todd. And Thank You again Coleman Robinson

Highly recommend this course! Very helpful would recommend for anyone looking to take there API

Todd sets you on the right track for success if you listen to what he recommends and put in a bit of work. Well worth the time.

I was lucky enough to take Todd’s API 653 Prep Course via Zoom and found it to be very convenient! The Course Material is excellent and Todd walks you through it while ensuring you understand and are prepared for the exam. Looking forward to attending his API 570 Prep Course!

Todd great very knowledgeable and well organized, also if you have a question gets back to you.

Todd was very responsive to any questions i had over the several weeks of preparation. Prepared me for the examination and I received a passing score. Highly recommend this course to anyone seeking inspection certifications. 10/10!

I completed the API 510 course and passed the exam. Todd is a great instructor and prepares candidates very well for the exam through his study booklet, questions, and practice exams. Todd takes time to answer every question one might have and goes above and beyond for everyone to be successful.

I took the API 510 Exam Preparation Course and passed my exam on the first attempt thanks to this course! Todd is a amazing instructor, he answers all questions during and after the course with the utmost details ensuring you fully understand. I would recommend Todd’s courses to anybody.

I attended Todd’s API 570 prep course through zoom and found it was very useful in challenging the exam with confidence. It is well structured and achievable with lot of practice sessions. Todd teaching and study material is clear and easy to understand from exam point of view. Gladly, I would recommended Todd for any of his offered courses. Good Luck👍

I would recommend Kinetic Inspection & Testing to anybody interested in getting their API certifications. Todd is a great teacher and can accommodate any style of learning necessary to make you succeed!

I took the API 510 online self study preparatory course hardly 3 weeks before the exam. I found the course and the guidance given by Todd was very helpful and it really helped me to get through the exam. Todd’s response to my questions were very quick and he was very helpful in clarifying all the doubts I had. Thanks Todd for offering such a wonderful and well structured course. Highly recommend for those who are preparing for the exam.

The course and instructor are well organized and extremely informative regardless of the student’s current experience and skill level. The instructor encourages students to contact him with questions and concerns, even after hours.

If you’re thinking about getting an API ticket, you’ll most certainly want to do a course here. There are several different options depending on your schedule and learning style. With the online self-study option, I was still able to get a ton of support through Zoom and email. You can tell Todd is very passionate about what he does, and he presents the subject matter in a way that makes it so much easier to understand. I got a lot of value from the API 510 course and look forward to taking the 570 or ABSA next =)

This is by far the best API 510 prep course you can take. Todd answered every email I sent and every question I had. We had several optional extra sessions. Todd goes above and beyond his own curriculum. He is genuinely concerned that all his students achieve a passing mark after taking his prep class. This course was worth every dollar. I will definitely be taking other API prep classes with Kinetic Inspections.

Attended the API 510 Exam preparation course 2 and half weeks before my exam window. I found everything Todd taught extremely helpful, breakdown of the code material and the key points for the examination focused on were very benefical in successfully passing the exam! I would recommend any course from Todd as he was an amazing instructor and was extremely helpful with everything we needed. Thanks Todd for such a great and professional course that was extremely helpful.

I recently took Todd’s API 510 prep Live Webinar training course and really cant say enough good things about it. This course option provided a "pre course" which was available a few months prior to the main course portion. The content of this gave me a chance to learn how to navigate codes and be comfortable going into the main portion of the course. This was very helpful as being my first API prep, I was very unsure of what to expect.

The 6 day live portion of the course was top notch. Todd is very professional and has a way of explaining concepts that makes it very understandable, and uses real life references to make the material relatable. Even though you are going through a lot of information at a fast pace, he never left anyone behind and ensured that we were all on track with learning each day. His website log on system provides a convenient location for all relevant material, and many practice exams to continue studying up until your exam date.

Todd is very supportive for exam candidates beyond the last day of the course, with practice exam reviews and email support for any questions along the way.

I will definitely be recommending Kinetic to anyone who is looking to have success in preparing for API exams. Thank you Todd for going beyond the expectation as an instructor, the industry is lucky to have you!

Todd Smith at Kinetic Inspection has a profound ability to teach. If you have ever struggled with learning, take Todd’s course. If you don’t want someone to simply read the code books to you word for word, take Todd’s course. I have done 2 of my 3 API courses with Kinetic Inspection, one in-person course, and one online course and would never go anywhere else. His personalized coursework is hands down, the best I have come across in any of the NDE/API courses I have taken. I recommend taking your next course with Todd, don’t waist your time looking elsewhere.

Todd is amazing! Not only will he prepare you for these tough exams, he will prepare you to be an overall better inspector!

I have attended Todd’s API 510 & 653 courses so far and both were excellent. Fantastic instruction on navigating and understanding the bodies of the codes and standards, great course format and preparation for the exams.

Did the self study for 653. Passed the exam on the first try. Todd was available for questions throughout the study process, through my exam. Would highly recommend using Kinetic.

"I’ve taken three courses with Kinetic, and now have three passes. It’s what we in the Inspection industry call “Strong correlation”. Their practice exams are timed and setup similar to the actual exam, and are on par or of greater difficulty – but this really helps to prep for the exam situation. Response time for questions regarding the course is exceptional, usually same day or even hour. Can’t recommend Kinetic enough.”

I strongly recommend "Kinetic Inspection & Testing" after attending their “API 570 Pressure Piping Inspector Combination Exam Preparation Course” in 2021 which played a big role in me passing the API570 Piping Inspector exam.
I found Todd Smith as a teacher extremely professional, knowledgeable and the best one could get as a subject matter expert to clear all and any doubts.

I’ve done API 510 and now ISI with Todd. Scored over 90% on both tests. I will be coming back. Courses are good. Todd is very responsive over email and the content is spot on. Nothing but the best here.

I attended Todd’s online API 510 course and it was a really great prep course for the exam. The course had great note packages and plenty of practice quizzes and exams that really helped. On top of that I was able to set up extra one on one time with Todd to help me with specific topics I was struggling with. This was a fantastic course and well worth it if you are unfamiliar with APO exams.

Great prep course for API 1169 exam. Todd covered the body of knowledge well and went over points that helped me succeed that made the exam very easy to write.

Knowledgeable instructor that covered in detail the information that I needed to pass the API 510 exam. The online practice questions and exams are exactly what I needed to prepare for the exam experience. The instruction was top notch, allowing me to not just remember information but to understand it. Thanks Todd!

I attended Todd’s Online API 510 course and it was well worth the money. If you are not familiar with API exams I would recommend taking a course with Kinetic. Todd will help you every step of the way right up until your exam.

Have taken both a 5 day course and an evening course, both very helpful

the teaching aids are really well done and the content of the courses enriching. I felt really comfortable behind my online classes and any gray areas are resolved on request by the trainer.
Also, flexibility on the length of access to the program is a great asset. thank you for the professionalism of the trainer, it is a motivating element. Well done

I took the API 1169 course form Todd .It was 3 days by zoom meetings and 1 night for final review. Todd is very patient with the whole class .He is always there when we needed some advice. I strongly recommend Todd for any code course that you need to be successful in passing.

I’m glad I found kinetic inspection&Testing through a friend the recommended me to this company. I found the instructor is very knowledgeable and very helpful in every way in an aspect of API 1169 course that I have taken and I would recommend to anyone.

Kinetic’s online self-study was what I chose to prep for the API 653 exam. The course material was concise and highlighted the materials in a way that was easy to follow, with repeatable practice tests that were similar to the real thing.

I am happy to say that I passed the exam on my first try, and will definitely be returning to Kinetic for future prep courses.

Very professional and detailed exam preparation course. I completed Todd’s self-study API-510 course a month before my exam in January and passed on my first attempt. Excellent training and study material. Highly recommended.

Took the online API-510 course. Passed the test first try.
My background is Mechanical Engineering as an Owner/User. I have essentially zero hands on NDT and welding experience.
I spent about 200 hours total studying for the exam.
Practice tests were representative of the exam questions (worth the money alone), slides were very easy to follow, Zoom classes were very informative, and Todd was very responsive to emails.
I suspect that if you just do the course slides you fail the test. You have to read and STUDY the codes and RPs!
Good Luck!

I took the 510 Online Self Study course through Todd. The course was packed with useful information and there’s no chance I would have passed the exam without this course. Having the flexibility to learn the material at my own pace was huge for me. I highly recommend this course to anyone and I look forward to enrolling in another soon. Thanks Todd!

I am new to the inspection world and have been fortunate enough to be guided by a number of industry veterans that have attended multiple exam prep courses put on by various companies. Kinetic Inspection & Testing was one that multiple colleagues have recommended based on the style & structure of Todd’s in-person classes. Due to covid-19, i opted for the virtual lessons and kept my expectations low. I was pleasantly surprised with the content and Todd’s delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed the notes that Todd wrote up & mailed to us. They helped explain a lot of the concepts that were hard to understand in the codes. The daily homework kept us honest and engaged. Todd was excellent at responding back to our texts/messages/emails within 1-2 hours (sometimes within minutes!), despite having to teach multiple courses a day - he always makes it a priority to help us understand each concept. The classes were ~7-8 hours a day with enough time to do nightly homework to review as a class the next day. The practice exams provided were realistic to the level of difficulty of the actual exam I got. I look forward to taking another course through Todd, and would recommend it to others that are looking to build a solid foundation prior to writing the exam

Recently completed the API 510 Online Training Course with Todd @ Kinetic Inspection. The course was laid out very well, with plenty of training questions that helped prepare me for the exam. Their were many many different types of multiple choice questions throughout the course, all very relevant to the material on the certification exam. Practice exams, multiple choice questions, and quizzes were all very helpful in achieving my passing mark. Todd was always a phone call or email away to help with any questions, concerns that I had. Would definitely recommend this training course to anyone looking to obtain API certification. I personally will be signing up for more courses in the future. Thanks for all your help Todd!

The course presented was excellent. Todd focus on all the main material which was described in APIs body of knowledge. He was available to answers all questions when called upon.

I took Todd’s 510 course and was extremely satisfied. He is very knowledgeable and talented at what he does. His course is very well laid out and has a lot of good information. Couldn’t have passed without this course.

If I could give more stars I would. Awesome set up, and Todd is a great instructor. Highly recommend!

API 1169 Exam Prep - instructor gives you all the tools you need to pass the exam.

Todd hosted one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. It was always interesting and he is very knowledgeable about API 1169. He also gave me information about how to actually do the job during the course which helped on the exam. The online classroom and pre and post course materials are very well organized and user friendly. Overall I would highly recommend using Kinetic Inspections for API 1169 training. I passed my exam with no problem from the prep I received from Todd.

Todd’s exam prep course for API 1169 was awesome, the course materials were laid out in an easy to follow format and his instruction throughout was very helpful, I have no doubt these were the reasons I passed the exam. Will be back for future training for sure and I’d recommend his courses to anyone else.

I received API 570 certification in last week on August 2021. I am writing this review to show my heartfelt appreciation for your contribution in the preparation for my exam. All the times spent in lectures, practiced modules and the things you shared & discussed, helped me a lot to gain confidence and get certification of API 570 on my first attempt.

Thank you Todd, for all the effort you have put to help me become a Certified Piping Inspector.

I cleared API 653 exam in first attempt. I joined Kinetic Inspection & Testing for preparation of my API exam. Todd is an extremely knowledgeable and experience professional. He shared his experience during coaching sessions and advised almost all possible aspects of different scenario. HIs lecture was amazing as he has in depth knowledge of all relevant standards and codes. He discussed the tips how to prepare yourself for exam. I would strongly recommend to join his institute if someone is planning to do preparation for API exam. I would definitely join his institute again to do preparation for other API exams. Thanks Todd for your support and guidance.

API 510 has been a great class, so farr! A nice review for me, and nice prep for the exam as well. Good options as far as delivery goes, and knowledgeable and kind instruction.

Todd’s API 653 course is excellently laid out and organized. He ensures you grasp the material as the course progresses and will work with you one on one as needed. I will definitely be returning for future courses.

Took the API 510 and ABSA In-Service with Todd and thanks to his great courses and help I was able to pass both. They are very easy to follow along and he’s always available for help and questions. Highly recommend kinetic inspections!

Todd has awesome program’s. He sets you up for success unlike the other competitors out there.

Excellent information, very personable.

I’m John Mathews, I have just completed API 1169 course through Kinetic Inspection, and wrote the exam on Dec 18, 2020. I have got initial results as "Preliminary Pass". Todd’s (Instructor/Owner of Kinetic Inspection) course was very helpful otherwise I couldn’t make it due to my language barrier. Their course teaches all the important topics and also trained how to navigate to the open book. This was my 3rd API exam through Todd Smith and all of them passed at the first attempt. Is anyone wish to taking any of the API courses, I’m very strongly recommend to go through Todd Smith (Kinetic Inspection). Finally I would say its worth spending the time and money.

7 years ago I took the prep course for my API 570 and had Todd as my instructor, so, when it came time to doing my API 510, Kinetic Inspection was the obvious choice. Todd has a trade background and inspection experience so he relates well and has a ton of knowledge. He goes above and beyond to help in any way possible. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Excellent company for API preparation, I’ve completed both the API 510 and API 653 prep courses online, excellent instruction, excellent practice both before and after the course. Won’t go anywhere else.

Can’t recommend Todd at Kinetic inspection enough. Went into api 510 feeling very overwhelmed. He has a unbelievable amount of knowledge and is extremely good at sharing it with you in a way that it is easy to understand. He went above and beyond what you expect in a course. If you have any troubles or questions, he was sure to respond quickly to ensure you have a proper understanding. Will most definitely be using him again in the future!!

I took the API-510 webinar through Kinetic. Todd was great with explaining everything clearly to someone who had little to no previous experience with the codes. I would suggest Kinetic to anyone looking for further education. Thanks Todd.

I just did my api 1169 exam yesterday and passed!
I took Todds 3 day prep class for the exam it was very helpful and useful information on what to expect on the exam, the practice test also was a huge help in preparing for the exam.
I highly recommend useing his services to anyone preparing for 1169 test.

Early in 2020 when face to face trainings were not possible, i started to look for online self study training for API 510. There were only a few available and i found the 510 self study training by Todd which seemed to be most most appropriate and after a few calls with Todd i enrolled for the 510 course.

Originally it was a 4 month training and i found the training pretty good to start with. There was good well organized guidance in every chapter with practice questions and explanations. The training material also helped in getting familiar with the 510 and other codes with focus on exam related format differentiating with our normal experience.
Though i was preparing for the exam, the training material also enabled me get a good code understanding thereby improving the code knowledge and application.

Todd was always available to help and guide with technically sound, clear and sufficiently detailed explanations either through email or though video/audio calls. I never felt the need of a face to face training. In fact i felt that this format made me do better.

Due to COVID my API exam window was postponed by a few months and my exams were also changed a couple of times. Todd was really flexible and supportive for all such genuine requests.

Further to the online training and questions, Todd also provided guidance closer to exam and was readily available when i needed him more frequently as my exam date approached.

I eventually passed the exam with a pretty descent score well above the pass marks.

Hence i credit Todd with sailing me through my 510 exam and would not think again for enrolling with Kinetic Inspection and testing for future certification exams.

I recently completed the webinar based API 653 exam prep course. Todd is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructor. The content and resources is top notch. He has a wonderful way of not only providing information but simplifying everything and helping you understand fully. His level of support up to the exam and beyond is a game changer! All of my future professional development will be through Kinetic!

I would highly recommend the API 1169 - Pipeline Inspector Exam Preparation webinar!

I recommend Todd’s API 1169 - Pipeline Inspector certification course is the best course to get a success in this certification. Not only i learned too much knowledge about course but also a good idea about field inspection role. Mr Todd also helps a lot about any question in a detailed answer and helps me a lot about that specific topic. He is a true professional guy in his field.

Excellent instructor, well articulated, the course material is clearly laid out and explained so it is understood at any level. I have participated in a few courses both online and in class and will continue to contact Todd at Kinetic Inspection and Testing for all my Inspection upgrades.

Todd has exceptional skills in explaining and covering the topics covered for the exams..His generosity and passion for spreading/sharing knowledge is
Clearly displayed in his teachings and approach in making sure everyone is on board. Thanks you so much Todd for making me learn and earn a valuable ticket to my career.

I recently passed the API510 on my first attempt thanks to the online study guide and online portal. I personally found the content online brilliant aswel as the training structure and test questions very beneficial. I would highly recommend.

I had very little time to prepare for my API 510 exam and decided to take the online course prepared by Todd, I got a preliminary pass. The material for these exams is amazing. I’m glad I took it.

I would highly recommend Kinetic Inspection & Testing for any of your training needs. Todd is very supportive and always responsive to any questions that arise. Todd also was very supportive through this Covid crisis and testing delays. I would highly recommend Todd and his company Kinetic Inspection & Testing.

Kinetic Inspection runs a very well organized and comprehensive course. i sincerely hope that others seek out Kinetic Inspection for help to achieve their goals.

Because of covid I had to attended a webinar for the API 1169 prep course instead of a in class. Todd was an excellent instructor, very well knowledgable in the field and was well prepared to teach the material. The course itself was taught in a way that kept us interested. The support that Todd offers after the course is an added bonus. I highly recommend Todd and Kinetic Inspection & Testing.

Kinetic was initially not my first choice, I chose Kinetic more so because the course dates better aligned with my work schedule. However, I am quite happy I ended up with Kinetic.

Todd is a an extremely knowledgeable and patient instructor that doesn’t leave anyone behind. He explains everything in great detail and is happy to help anyone with whatever question they have. His guidance doesn’t end when the course ends, he is available to help any time you may need it up to the exam date.

Also, doing the course over Zoom was as good as it gets. It’s much better being able to attend the course while at home and not having to drive anywhere. If you have a family, a set of noise cancelling over ear headphones are a lifesaver.

Great instructor and amazing course!

Your course removed the mystery of the exam and presented it in a way that makes success guaranteed with little effort. I’m happy I took your course as the result proves it worth.
Also, you stayed with us and gave us continued access months after the course completion due to Covid-19.
It shows your commitment to your students. I appreciate it.

I would highly recommend Todd to anyone wishing to take and API preparation course.

Excellent exam preparation. I have taken two courses from Kinetic Inspection. API 510 prep being in class and the second API 570 prep from home. I found both settings for learning worked well for me with the new online format being very useful in the current times. Todd Smith is a very knowledgeable instructor and I would highly recommend any of his courses.

I have never met Todd Smith personally but I have taken his API 510 Online Course and I have received feedback to my questions in a extremely timely manner with thorough answers that always help me understand the code as well as the questions that he is asking. He is on top of his email responses and no matter how small or how obvious the answer is, he is always prompt and polite about his explanations.

I am now taking his API 653 course and have had to push it off a couple times. You may only get 4 months to use the online course but Todd was very generous and allowed me to use it for 1 more month to review and practice until my test.

I have talked to a couple other people who have failed and passed their exams API exams. All taking online courses or classroom courses and the people who have taken his in class courses have nothing but good things to say about his way of teaching and have passed on the first try. One of my co-workers made a point in saying that Todd makes it very clear by the way he talks and teaches that he not only wants everyone to succeed but to understand. I can truly say that I can also say that even though I have only taken his online studying material.

I will definitely be signing up for my API 570 course once I have passed my API 653.

Thanks Todd.