Why Our Courses Are Offered by Zoom Videoconferencing 

It is true, we do not do in-person courses anymore, but we do offer live, (not recorded), full-day and evening classes via Zoom.

Let me explain a few of the advantages of this delivery method, and then take a look at our review page, and see how people react. (Google reviews are here.)

Starting in March 2020 we had to offer courses by video conference (Zoom) or go out of business. But - Surprise! It worked very, very well. We found the Zoom platform greatly reduced the travel expenses of our students and increased our reach to other provinces and even other countries. We were able to offer longer courses than our competitors, and offer multiple, scheduled, live Practice Exam Reviews with each course, something that no other trainer does. We brought evening classes into our offerings, something that would not be possible without Zoom classes. We were also able to drop our prices while keeping our courses longer. 

And the training itself benefited. There are no bad seats at a live Zoom presentation. Each student can see, hear, participate in multiple ways, and has the opportunity for detailed and immediate tutoring after and during class. The class day is more concentrated, and with no travel time, students have more time in their day for what matters outside of training. I am able to interact more with each person, and people seem to feel more comfortable asking questions during class. In addition, interaction and involvement are better in this format in most courses. Overall, the vast majority of our students since March 2020 have stated in their feedback that they preferred this method of training and would take a Zoom class with us again over an in-person course. 

Also, it has been a regular thing that at least one person gets sick in many of the courses. People let me know about it as they often wind up rescheduling when this happens, or asking for extra tutoring as a result, which we provide. Whether it be COVID, the flu, or something else, the simple fact is that when utilizing Zoom, it does not influence the class in any way when someone becomes ill. No matter your personal opinion on illness and contagions these days, the Zoom platform removes the hazard completely. 

Overall, Zoom has benefited our students, and us greatly. We are not planning to change back to rented conference spaces, hotel rooms, planes, parking, traffic, getting sneezed on by the guy behind you because he couldn’t miss the course he paid for, etc. 

In-person courses were great and had many advantages, no doubt about it. 3 years ago I would have never thought it possible to make the switch we have, but Zoom takes all of those advantages and makes them better, and cuts out all the disadvantages. 

Feel free to give me a call to discuss if you have any questions about this delivery method and our courses.

Todd Smith