Course Types and Descriptions

We hope this information will be helpful in making a decision regarding what type of course is best for you - for your learning style, schedule and of course, budget considerations.

Kinetic Inspection & Testing is proud to offer three types of courses:

Live Webinar Courses

Our Live Webinar courses are what were previously our Classroom courses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we were forced to move our classroom courses to a Live Webinar offering, as we could no longer meet together physically. But we discovered something amazing! The live webinar courses opened the door to people to have a more comfortable and relaxed learning experience, as they were in the comfort of their own home or office. There was no travel expense or hassle. There were no restaurant expenses.  But people still enjoyed the same, if not better, educational experience!

In the live webinar there is the same opportunity to ask questions, to receive detailed personal instruction, to listen to, and see the live instructor explain the material, as there was in the classroom course, all the while following along in a hard copy text book that is shipped to participants prior to the course. In fact, we found that participants were more comfortable to ask all their questions, as there was no "crowd intimidation" factor that sometimes makes people hold back from asking questions in the classroom setting. Great efforts have been made to ensure that the level of instruction and personal interaction between the instructor and the course participants is maintained at or higher than what was available in a classroom setting. 

The live webinars are following the same schedule that we had for the classroom courses previously:

The Live Webinar courses include the following educational tools:

Online Self Study Courses

Our online self study courses are designed for the learner who is able to govern their schedule and work through the material primarily on their own. Course participants are fully supported by email, text, phone or web conferencing if they have questions or need assistance, and there is no limit as to how many times the instructor can be contacted.

The detailed lessons in the course are immediately available upon registration. They are available for 120 days, but extensions are available by contacting the instructor.

Participants will be guided through the various Codes and Recommended Practices by a number of tools including:

Combination Courses

Combination Courses are our latest type of course offering. The combination courses combine the flexibility of a self study delivery, with the guided learning of a webinar/classroom course. If you find yourself in a situation where it is not feasible to take a 6 day course due to work or personal scheduling issues, but still want the security and benefit of personal instruction from an instructor, this may be the course for you! This course is designed for the participants to work through much of the material on their own, but to receive personal instruction via live webinar on scheduled days. 

The Combination Courses will offer participants 8 opportunities to attend webinars with the instructor, mostly in the evening hours. This means that those who are working full time will likely be able to attend these classes to receive the detailed instruction and get their personal questions answered. In addition to the webinars, there will be a scheduled Practice Exam review shortly before the testing window applicable to the course. This will allow all course participants to be guided through one of the Practice Exams by the instructor, focusing on navigation, Key Words, Code use and understanding, and any questions raised by participants.

The Combination Courses include all of the teaching and educational tools found in the Self Study Course, and all of the benefits and communication found in the Live Webinar Course! This is a fantastic way to meet the balance between scheduling, budget, and personal development!

Combination Courses include the following:

If you have further questions about our courses please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or 780-213-0292.