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Kinetic Inspection & Testing specializes in code and standards training. We excel at preparing individuals for the technically complex and challenging pressure equipment industry. Whether you are planning on writing an American Petroleum Institute examination to take your career to the next step, such as the API 510, API 653, API 570 or API 1169 certification exams, the National Board Inservice Inspector certification, adding a Code endorsement to your CSA W178.2 certification or simply looking to understand the Codes you work with daily, Kinetic Inspection & Testing can assist you. With personalized training, an experienced instructor and a commitment to your success, make Kinetic Inspection & Testing your choice for API exam training, CSA W178.2 Code endorsements, or any other code and standards training.

Code and standard training is time consuming, difficult for many, but essential for effective and competent personnel involved in the pressure equipment industry. Kinetic Inspection & Testing recognizes this challenge that companies and individuals face, and is ready to help them meet it. Many individuals who attempt the API 510 exam and other API or CWB exams without proper and professional training often are unsuccessful. API publishes statistics that show only approximately 55% of those who wrote the API 510 exam were successful on their first attempt. (source: API Statistics Page) Do not let that happen to you! Make sure you only have to write the API 510 or your CSA Code endorsement one time! Let us help you prepare!

What We Offer

API 510, API 570, API 653 and API 1169 exam preparation courses designed to prepare you for the examination! 

National Board Inservice Inspector exam preparation!

CSA W178.2 Code endorsement training packages that will help you achieve your goal on your first try!

Live Webinar  training that provides code and standards training in a structured environment with easily measurable feedback and milestones. 

Self-study and online code and standards training and exam preparation that can help the individual who does not have time for a classroom course, but still has the drive to succeed!

Combination Courses (evening classes) that combine the best of self study flexibility with the structured learning of scheduled Live Webinars!

Check out our courses to see how our code and standards training can assist you!

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Kinetic Inspection API 510

About Kinetic Inspection

Kinetic Inspection & Testing has over 25 years of widely varied industry experience. That means that whatever your situation, we’ve probably been there. We have written that exam, we have inspected that type of weld, we have crawled through that piece of equipment. So ask us. We are committed to helping our customers succeed. We can help you too!

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API 510

Live Webinar Training

Sign up for our instructor led exam preparation courses! Live Webinar training courses that give course participants detailed instruction, real-life examples and practical strategies for preparing for the examination they are writing. Individual instruction time after class is always available, and instructor support in pre and post class work is only an email away!

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Interested in a course but not sure which one to take? Unsure if you are qualified? Need to know if the certification you want will help you be employable? Contact us by email or phone with your questions, give us your comments. We want to hear from you!

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API 510

Our Services

Instruction. Instruction in the classroom, individually, and custom made training content for your company. Instruction is our main focus. But yes, we do inspections and quality management systems too.

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