API 570 ONLINE Self-Study Exam Preparation Course

This online, self-study course is designed to assist individuals who are registered and scheduled to write the API 570 Piping Inspector Certification examination.

You will have up to 120 days of access to the course materials starting the day of your registration. 

This course is an examination preparation course that will assist those who are planning on writing the API 570 Piping Inspector Certification exam. This course will teach the following:

  • Navigation within the required Code documents (an essential skill for answering questions accurately and in a timely fashion)

  • The required knowledge to pass the examination as listed in the API Body of Knowledge

  • Methods and skills required to perform Code calculations during the examination

  • This course contains pre-course information necessary to use the materials, detailed lessons and practice questions for each Code listed in the Effectivity Sheet, and 3 Practice exams that are structured like the actual API examination.

Topics Covered

The course will cover all the information contained in the API Body of Knowledge. It is important to note that Kinetic Inspection & Testing has no prior knowledge of what questions will be on the examination. Therefore, it is our intent to train exam candidates sufficiently to answer anything that API could ask from the topics listed in the Body of Knowledge. 

During the course participants will be guided through each exam document listed in the Effectivity Sheet by detailed lessons and Practice Questions. The Practice Questions are similar to the ones that will be asked on the exam. Example questions are included to demonstrate concepts and calculation steps in a way that is designed to assist each course participant and address each person’s unique skill set.  

Course participants are encouraged to communicate with the instructor at the contact information included in the course, for any questions or support they need.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration in this course does not register an individual for the actual API ICP examination. This must be done through API at www.api.org. API expects all examination candidates to have relatively broad experience and knowledge prior to attempting this examination. If you have any questions regarding your suitability and chances of success in writing this challenging examination, please contact Kinetic Inspection & Testing and we will discuss your specific situation and give you recommendations on courses and training that will suit your specific goals and circumstances.

Course Structure

This course consists of three main portions - all of which are online: 

  1. Pre-course information that will establish information about the exam, how to use the course materials, and tips and suggestions about studying.

  2. Detailed main course lessons that will explain the required knowledge and concepts, and included many hundreds of detailed practice questions and solutions.

  3. Practice exams that will enable exam candidates to continue to use the skills they have learned up to the exam day.

Required Code Documents for the Course

All course participants are required to have copies of the API and ASME Code documents that are listed on the API 570 Effectivity Sheet.  

CPD Hours

Registrants in this course are eligible to earn CPD hours based on the time they spend on self-paced learning. The online course software will track active hours spent by the course participant in the learning modules and practice questions. A certificate will be issued to the registrant upon completion of the course. This certificate will show the total number of self-paced, tracked hours spent by the course participant, up to a maximum of 80 hours. Please note:

  • Course participants will receive up to a maximum of 80 CPD hours. The 80-hour maximum is not automatic. If a course participant spends less than 80 hours in the course, they will only receive CPD hours for the time tracked.
  • To receive credit for the CPD hours, the entire course must be completed. This includes all lessons, practice questions, quizzes, and Practice Exams. Incomplete training materials are not eligible for CPD hours.
  • CPD hours and completion certificates will not be issued prior to the completion of the course.
  • Course access will end upon issuance of a certificate of completion showing CPD hours.
  • Course participants are responsible for ensuring that CPD hours for self-paced learning are acceptable to the organization they require them for.

Course Extensions, Cancellations, and Transfers

Click here to view our policies regarding extensions, cancellations, and transfers.

Useful Links:

American Petroleum Institute website: http://www.api.org/

API Individual Certification Programs (API 570 Program): https://www.api.org/products-and-services/individual-certification-programs/certifications/api570


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