ABSA In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Exam Preparation Course

As stated in the AB-526 document published by ABSA, any person who conducts integrity assessments of in-service pressure equipment in Alberta, certifies pressure equipment in Alberta, or who supervises inspection personnel in Alberta, must hold the appropriate Alberta In-service Inspector Certificate of Competency.

In-service Inspector certification is mandatory for any individual who wishes to do the following:

  • inspect and certify in-service pressure equipment as required under the AB-506 requirements

  • inspect and certify repairs to in-service pressure equipment as required under the requirements of the AB-513 document

  • supervise persons who are performing inspections in accordance with the AB-506 or AB-513 documents.

There are three certificates of competency established by ABSA as an in-service pressure equipment inspector:

  1. In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate of Competency (Pressure Piping)

  2.  In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate of Competency (Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping)

  3. In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate of Competency (Equivalent to the In-Service Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector previously issued)

It is very important to note that the examination is the same for all three certificates of competency, it is the prerequisites that differ.

To qualify to write the In-service Pressure Equipment Inspector Examination, candidates must meet the required experience, as stated in section 3.0 of the AB-526 document, and be able to provide evidence of:

  • passing the API 570 Pressure Piping Inspector Examination within the last 5 years to become certified as an In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector (Pressure Piping)

  • passing the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Examination within the last 5 years to become certified as an In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector (Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping)

  • passing the National Board In-Service Commission Examination within the last 5 years to become certified as an In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector (Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping)

The examination is based on eight documents:

  1. the Safety Codes Act (open book in the examination)

  2. the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (open book in the examination)

  3. the Pressure Welders Regulation (open book in the examination)

  4. the Power Engineers Regulation (open book in the examination)

  5. the Pressure Equipment Exemption Order (open book in the examination)

  6. CSA B51 Boiler, pressure vessel, and pressure piping code (open book in the examination)

  7. AB-506 Inspection and Servicing Requirements for In-service Pressure Equipment (closed book in the examination)

  8. AB-513 Alberta Repair and Alteration Requirements (closed book in the examination)

This up- to-date exam preparation course will guide course participants through each of the required portions of the 8 documents, highlighting what is needed to be memorized, key words and navigation steps, and how to determine which document to find information in.

This course has hundreds of practice questions and 4 practice exams, which will allow course participants to become fully, and completely prepared to successfully write this examination.

The course will come with detailed lessons and practice questions for each document covered in the exam, 4 practice exams and the following:

  • detailed instructions for the course

  • video introductions and explanations for each document considered in the course 
  • video instructions and study tips for the Practice Exams
  • all the open source documents required, with added bookmarks and the appropriate sections requiring study marked and highlighted, including: Safety Codes Act, Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation, Pressure Welders Regulation, Power Engineers Regulation, Pressure Equipment Exemption Order, AB-513, AB-506, AB-526, AB-516 available in the Download section of the course.

Course participants will be required to obtain their own copy of CSA B51. Everything else is supplied with the course materials.

This online course represents 24 hours of training.

Course participants will be supported by telephone or email by the instructor with any questions, tutoring needs or assistance required to allow them to successfully pass the examination. You will have up to 120 days of online access starting on the day of your registration in the course. If you need longer, or have specific scheduling needs, please call Todd at 780-213-0292. We are happy to try to accommodate your specific schedule! 

CPD Hours

Registrants in this course are eligible to earn CPD hours based on the time they spend on self-paced learning. The online course software will track active hours spent by the course participant in the learning modules and practice questions. A certificate will be issued to the registrant upon completion of the course. This certificate will show the total number of self-paced, tracked hours spent by the course participant, up to a maximum of 40 hours. Please note:

  • Course participants will receive up to a maximum of 40 CPD hours. The 40-hour maximum is not automatic. If a course participant spends less than 40 hours in the course, they will only receive CPD hours for the time tracked.
  • To receive credit for the CPD hours, the entire course must be completed. This includes all lessons, practice questions, quizzes, and Practice Exams. Incomplete training materials are not eligible for CPD hours.
  • CPD hours and completion certificates will not be issued prior to the completion of the course.
  • Course access will end upon issuance of a certificate of completion showing CPD hours.
  • Course participants are responsible for ensuring that CPD hours for self-paced learning are acceptable to the organization they require them for.

Course Extensions, Cancellations, and Transfers

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